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Knife to Ottertrack

On a nice sunny day we leave our camp on Knife Lake traveling east along the boarder into Ottertrack Lake.  We wind our way down this narrow lake with high cliffs on our northern flank.  At our new camp we do a little swimming before cooking up some fish for dinner.  What a great day […]

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Vera to North Arm Knife Lake

We continue our way North East from Vera portaging our way into Knife Lake. With crystal clear waters and a fresh breeze blowing in our face we work our way to the North Arm of Knife Lake where we camp for the night.

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Little Bass Lake Summer

On a beautiful early April day with the ice freshly melted from the lakes Erin and I head into the BWCAW. Our destination for this trip is the easily accessible Little Bass Lake just one portage away from North Hegman Lake. The Sun shining through the trees made for a serene portage through the woods.

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Geb-e-on-e-quet to Lynx Lake

Our loop out of the Little Indian Sioux entry point is coming to an end.  After a heavy rain throughout the night we woke to sunny skies and calm waters.  Looking at the maps we find a day filled with portaging ahead of us.  With over 800 rods of portaging we knew our shoulders would […]

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Steep Lake to Thumb Lake

After a beautiful night camped out on Steep Lake we awake to sunny skies and a light breeze.  Continuing our loop out of the Little Indian Sioux River we head North East working our way through Little Bear Track Lake, Bear Track Lake, and into Thumb Lake.  Along the way we bump into a snake, […]

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Little Loon to Steep Lake

We continue our journey north out of Little Loon Lake with the clouds flying by overhead.  The warmth of the sun soaks into our bodies as we paddle across open waters.  The portages have been both adventurous and serene.  We are nearing the end of a full day of paddling and portaging and our bodies […]

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Mountain Lake to Pine Lake

On a stormy morning we paddle West out of Mountain lake to a steep portage heading south.  We encounter some heavy rain and lightening as thunder rolls across the the lakes.  We hunker down at a campsite waiting for the storm to subside and then continue on our way to Pine Lake.  Just North of […]

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North Fowl Lake to Mountain Lake

With a nice tail wind we continue our way along the Voyagers Highway.  Leaving North Fowl Lake we portage through thick vegetation and a few mosquitoes.  Back on the water we come across a couple of loons swimming on the horizon.  One puts on a bit of a show as it takes a bath.  We […]

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John Lake to North Fowl Lake

On a beautiful sunny day we find ourselves back at the John Lake entry point.  A light breeze is blowing and the crystal clear waters are beckoning.  Jim and I begin our trip along the Border Route much like we had the year before.  Traveling along the Royal River you are surrounded by cliffs and […]

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Stewart River to Boulder Bay

The sun is shining on a hot day in August.  The wind gently cools us off as we paddle north on the Stewart River.  The Stewart River is a winding river littered with dinner plate sized lilly pads and portages thick with foliage.  We make our way on through Stewart Lake and into Boulder Bay.  […]

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