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Winter Camping Mudro Lake

With snow falling from the skies we step away from the car park and into the BWCAW. Sleds loaded down with tents, stoves, food and warm gear bite into our chest as the tow line go taunt. We are headed in for a weekend of winter camping. Five guys two tents and enough bacon to […]

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Knife to Ottertrack

On a nice sunny day we leave our camp on Knife Lake traveling east along the boarder into Ottertrack Lake.  We wind our way down this narrow lake with high cliffs on our northern flank.  At our new camp we do a little swimming before cooking up some fish for dinner.  What a great day […]

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Vera to North Arm Knife Lake

We continue our way North East from Vera portaging our way into Knife Lake. With crystal clear waters and a fresh breeze blowing in our face we work our way to the North Arm of Knife Lake where we camp for the night.

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Little Bass Lake Summer

On a beautiful early April day with the ice freshly melted from the lakes Erin and I head into the BWCAW. Our destination for this trip is the easily accessible Little Bass Lake just one portage away from North Hegman Lake. The Sun shining through the trees made for a serene portage through the woods.

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Geb-e-on-e-quet to Lynx Lake

Our loop out of the Little Indian Sioux entry point is coming to an end.  After a heavy rain throughout the night we woke to sunny skies and calm waters.  Looking at the maps we find a day filled with portaging ahead of us.  With over 800 rods of portaging we knew our shoulders would […]

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Thumb Lake to Ge-be-on-e-quet Lake

After leaving behind the dead moose carcasse in Thumb Lake we paddle through fresh air under sunny skies.  The wind always seems to follow us with a gentle push from behind helping ease the day of paddling.  We encounter a couple of beaver dams and a few mergansers as we paddle our way to Ge-be-on-e-quet […]

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Little Loon to Steep Lake

We continue our journey north out of Little Loon Lake with the clouds flying by overhead.  The warmth of the sun soaks into our bodies as we paddle across open waters.  The portages have been both adventurous and serene.  We are nearing the end of a full day of paddling and portaging and our bodies […]

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Little Indian Sioux to Upper Pauness

Our first paddling trip of 2011 we head into the Little Indian Sioux entry point on a 5 day trip.  There is a steady wind blowing and the clouds are zipping by overhead.  We paddle North along the river taking a beautiful portage along a small rapids.  We catch a glimpse of a couple of […]

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Johnson Falls

The eastern edge of the Boundary Waters is an amazing area.  With high cliffs and deep lakes this rugged terrain offers up some amazing scenery.  Camped on the western end of Pine lake we wake up to a beautiful blue sky day with a stiff breeze.  We had heard of a waterfall located at the […]

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HowTo – Campsite Selection

Campsites come in every shape size and location in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  Some have stunning views over calm waters, some are tucked away beneath swaying pines.  Selecting the perfect campsite can mean the difference between a restful night and one where you can’t wait to find a new place to call home.

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