Horse River – The Show

Leaving Lower Basswood Falls we head south paddling up the Horse River.  Emerging from the thick vegetation along the sides of the river we catch a glimpse of a deer nibbling its way along the shore.  The glass like water made for an enjoyable paddle as we find a group of turtles sunning themselves on a log.

To add some excitement to the trip I break a paddle on a rock attempting to paddle up a small rapids.  No worries though, with a little duct tape we were back paddling in no time.  The evening ends with some loons and a bobber floating just off of camp.

Horse River

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Check out the gallery for photos from this trip. Jesse Glass was the photographer.



Artist: Dan Tharp


Song: “Charm”


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About Bill

I grew up in Alaska spending as much time outdoors as possible. Camping, hunting, and flying consumed much of my free time. Upon moving to Minnesota I found the BWCAW to be a place that allowed me to escape to the wilderness. I love being able to share this amazing place with all of you. I hope you enjoy the shows.


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One Response to “Horse River – The Show”

  1. Dan Tharp July 27, 2009 at 4:56 pm #

    WOW….what can I say!?!?!?
    You’re far too good to me.
    Playin’ my music.
    Featuring me as an artist on your site.
    All that’s left is taking me on a trip with you through the wilderness.
    I’m OK with that…as long as there’s decent internet access.
    There is, isn’t there?


    THANKS again…as always…for your support.
    Take care!
    Dan Tharp

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