Rose Lake to North Fowl Lake

After a day of high winds and a steady rain we leave from Rose Lake on our way west along the Voyagers Highway.  The high bluffs along side the lakes makes for some beautiful scenery.  We find a campsite on North Fowl Lake right across from a Loon nest.  We get a nice glimpse of the egg as well as a chance to see the mother waddle her way up on to the nest.

Rose Lake to North Fowl Lake

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Check out the gallery for photos from this trip. Jesse Glass was the photographer.



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Song: “Just Enough”


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About Bill

I grew up in Alaska spending as much time outdoors as possible. Camping, hunting, and flying consumed much of my free time. Upon moving to Minnesota I found the BWCAW to be a place that allowed me to escape to the wilderness. I love being able to share this amazing place with all of you. I hope you enjoy the shows.


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3 Responses to “Rose Lake to North Fowl Lake”

  1. Barb September 2, 2009 at 11:27 pm #

    Great loon footage Bill! I didn’t realize how clumsy loons are on land. The egg looks HUGE!

    The rock out-crops look beautiful. Bet it would be a spectacular place in the fall.

    Loved it!


  2. Tom & Susan Thomas September 3, 2009 at 11:38 am #

    We canoed just to the south of Bill’s podcast route: John through the Pikes to Clearwater down to the Bearskins and out through Pine back to John. The bluffs were 300′ plus and it was the end of September going into October. The leaves along the route were like nothing we had ever experienced in the BWCA. Incredible! Also along that route at the west end of Pine Lake is Johnson Falls, the highest falls in the BWCA.
    We would highly recommend this route to anyone looking for a drop dead gorgeous leaf experience.
    One word of caution, be sure to enter Pine from the west end if doing this as a loop. The portages heading west out are much harder than entering headed east.
    Thanks for a great series Bill.

  3. Bill September 3, 2009 at 6:06 pm #

    @Tom & Susan Thomas: Thanks for the info. I’d love to check out those falls. Very cool!! I am already noticing the occasional tree turning red as fall creeps upon us. I’m hoping to get out for a trip this fall that will allow us to show off the colors. Thanks for watching the show. Let us know if there is anything in particular you’d like to see on an upcoming episode.


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